Where The Old Trees Grow

One full of life, the other haunted by death, Nina and Violeta, two Yugoslav teenagers become best friends in a refugee camp that occupies a beautiful manor estate in the Swedish countryside. On one side of the camp is a forest that incites PTSD flashbacks of the war for Nina who paralyses every time she attempts to escape in order to start life anew in Sweden. Yet, for Violeta who arrived orphaned to the refugee camp, the forest is filled with memories of her childhood. The other way out of the camp is seized by unfriendly nationalists who wave banners saying, “Go home!” Violeta and Nina promise each other that they will run away together and help each other attain freedom. However, fate intervenes one more time at the end of the summer in 1994, when news of the peace agreement back home thrusts the two friends to decide independently if they can leave the scars of the war behind and move forward into a new life or not.


Projektstart 2019-04-03

Projektet startades av Maja Milanovic.


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