This film is set in a single day, in a single politically-charged location.
Sex workers and their allies come together to create history. They exchange skills and strategies. They speak the unthinkable: they ask to be heard, they claim their own space; they demand rights.
Through the minutiae of daily tasks, revealing interactions and the setting up of a unique political event, we are introduced to the lives, achievements and struggles of a group of sex workers. Beyond the typical portrait of a ‘happy hooker’ or ‘abused prostitute’, by working closely with the organisation involved, artist and filmmaker Petra Bauer reveals a never-before-seen approach to capturing the complexities of this subject and political activism in an accessible way.
This film will ask, who deserves to the right to speak? Who has the right to be heard? Who listens? And through the medium of film is it possible to change the very fabric of society?


Projektstart 2017-04-18

Projektet startades av Ruth Reid.


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