Isis Graham

Projektroller: Producent/prod.ledare
  • Postort: Stockholm
  • Telefon: 0767642741
  • Produktionsbolag/företag: Mantaray Film

Isis has worked at Mantaray Film since the spring of 2017 as Stina Gardell’s Associate Producer. In 2013, she co-founded HICCUP: The Hub For Curators and Creatives United in Production. Through HICCUP she engages as a producer, artist, curator, writer, and editor on a wide-scope of projects and events. Previously she was the Head of Production at Influence Film, where she supported character driven feature-length documentaries through audience development, investments, and non-profit grants.


Isis has a Bachelor’s in Fine Arts in Filmmaking from The University of Colorado (2008) and graduated from Stockholm University’s International Master’s Program in Curating Art, including Management and Law (2013). In 2016, she attended Doc Society's Impact Producer’s Lab.



Living.Loving, documentary, dir. Mette Aakerholm Gardell, 2018, Associate Producer, Financing

In Progress:

The Mighty Wurlitzer, fiction, dir. Fia-Stina Sandlund, Associate Producer

An Unfortunate Love Story, documentary, dir. Maria Kuhlberg, Associate Producer

Passion, documentary, dir. Maya Borg, Associate Producer

The Most Beautiful Boy in the World, documentary, dirs. Kristina Lindström & Kristen Petri, Associate Producer

Hello Sunshine, documentary, dir. Peter Torbiörnsson, Associate Producer

Shadows in the Spotlight, documentary, dir. Arghavan, Associate Producer

Joyce Carol Oates: I'll Take You There, documentary, dir. Stig Björkman, Associate Producer

Adil & The Spy, documentary, dirs. Randi Mossige-Norheim & Johan Palmgren, Associate Producer drivs av Film Stockholm med stöd av Stockholms läns landsting och Botkyrka kommun

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