Eva Hillström

Projektroller: Regissör, Klippare, Postprod./bild

Eva Hillström worked with editing and dramaturgy on feature length documentaries for over 20 years. Her editor portfolio includes award-winning titles such as Nowhere to Hide (2016) – best feature length at IDFA and One World – and I Called Him Morgan (2016) premiered at the Venice Film Festival. She graduated from the Stockholm Academy of Dramatic Arts with a focus on editing of fiction and documentary film. INTO THE BANK will be Eva’s first documentary as a director.


Stockholm Academy of Dramatic Arts


Editor portfolio:

Nowhere to Hide (2016)

I Called Him Morgan (2016)

Night (2016)

Jojk - Juoigan (2014)

Finally Monday - A movie about Barbro Lindgren (2012)

Road to Diyarbekir (2011)

While we wait (2007)

165 Hässelby (2005)

Anette / Anette The Crime Journal (2005)

My Name Is Albert Ayler (2005)

One Of Us (2002)


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