The untouchable

Somali love
- a film by Abdulahi Hussein

The Somali people consists of about 50 different clans with origins in Somalia, Kenya, Ethiopia and Djibouti. Because of the Somalian civil war, the clans are spread all over the world including Sweden where some 50 000 somalis of all clans live.

Among all these clans, who speak the same language, share the same culture and
looks, there is one clan that is considered as ”untouchable”. It’s called Midgaan. Other clans avoid them, insult them and do not let them involve in common political, economical or social matters. To let children marry with Midgaans is considered ”haram”.

The film Somali love is a cross-clan love story where a young Somali man, Sakariye, who is good looking, educated and has a job. He meets Shukri, a university student, and they fall in love. They are both born and brought up in Sweden, so they have no idea of the problems of the Midgaan clan.

Shukri’s father Mohamed Khalif is an exiled Somali general. He is deeply involved with his home country’s affairs. He feels sad about what is going on and is trying to get in touch with other Somali ministers in exile to mobilize them in efforts to solve Somalian problems and help the people ”at home”. Abdirahman is also convinced that clan problems need to stop in order to heal the situation and he uses every chance to raise awareness.

But when Mohamed Khalif understands that Shukri wants to marry a Midgaan man, he opposes it and says Shukri needs to find herself a ”real Somali” man. Shukri gets confused and sad about her father’s denial of Sakariye and is suddenly standing with a choice of following her heart or the demands of tradition.

Sakariye also has a brother, Leban, who has failed schoool and fallen into bad company. Leban stands fully on his father’s side and decides to kill Sakariye. One night he chews a lot of khat and goes to Husby, where Sakariye lives. Outside Sakariye’s house Leban attacks him with a knife, but he is so wasted that he fails and instead he is captured by friends and neighbours to Sakariye.

The incident brings an awakening to Mohamed Khalif who suddenly understands that violence and clan problems emerges from your own heart and that that is where they also may be solved. He changes his mind and welcomes Sakariye to the family. He also engage in his son’s upbringing and motivates Leban to start school again.


PW: Somalilove


Projektstart 2017-04-19

Projektet startades av Abdulahi Hussein. drivs av Film Stockholm med stöd av Region Stockholm och Botkyrka kommun

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