Genoa, Italy. Tucked away in the hills just outside the city the Genovese bury their dead at the vast, monumental cemetery of Staglieno. Here, hundreds of neo-realistic sculptures stand guard over tombs alongside hundreds of thousands of graves, in a place where tranquil grief and striking beauty swirl around each other. But alongside Staglieno’s graves, through the cemetery’s arcades, galleries and hilly surroundings, all kinds of people wander. From gate keeper Giovanni, to flowershop owner Marisa, grieving widow Ester and cemetery manager Luca - everyone seems to have a special relationship with Staglieno and life. It gives the cemetery the sense of being a small community, a world within this world. Indeed, for a place that’s all about death, Staglieno is curiously alive.


Projektstart 2019-03-31

Projektet startades av Antonio Russo Merenda. drivs av Film Stockholm med stöd av Region Stockholm och Botkyrka kommun

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