A short-film documentary on women's organizations in Georgia

With the short-film documentary I attempt to explore the current terrain of NGO’s and other organizations, how they collaborate, between NGO’s and between other organizations and even institutions.
The overarching question that is in focus throughout the documentary is how NGO’s and other organizations working with violence prevention and civic society development can collaborate more effectively anticipating the future demands for cooperation.
I seek answers on three major questions; -How is the situation developing with regards to future demands for NGO commitment to civic society? -How are current NGO’s monitoring the increasing demand for improvement of their activities? -How will improvement of the NGO organizations anticipating an increasing need for financial assistance by foreign aid and other resources?
My approach is to ask these questions to NGO and other organizational workers by addressing the questions in advance. I will ask them to answer these questions in the short-film documentary as well as other thoughts, ideas and arguments for improvement for their own NGO or organization. More importantly I ask how collaboration or cooperation may be of importance for development - the pros and cons.



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