No land in sight

This is a documentary about life choices and what society expects from you. When you break free from the shackles of society, some will call you a prophet, some will call you a fool.

Sven Yrvind has experienced both. Though all he’s really done is live life the only way he knows - by listening to his inner voice rather than the expectations of people around him.

From a young age Sven was already up against the Swedish society. As a child he lost his father during World War II, was beaten in school and sent to a boarding school for defiant children. He fled during his military service, but ended up in prison. The only way out was to sign a paper that he was mentally insane. He converted a simple rowing boat and started sailing the world.

However, when you listen to Sven Yrvind’s stories and achievements it’s hard not to feel inspired. This is a story about a person who’s never set foot inside an office. His stories are larger than life - ranging from exploring the world’s most isolated islands to swimming with whales. He has fans all over the world, yet he sits by himself longing for the ocean.

Our goal with our documentary debut is to raise questions about meaningfulness, our choices in life and inspire alternative ways of living.

New technical innovations and digitalization aim to improve our everyday life, yet more people experience stress and unease. When more people become critical of today’s society, and more people get stuck in the rat race, we have to ask the
question. Is it Yrvind who is insane - or are we?


Projektstart 2017-07-01

Projektet startades av Annika Gritti. drivs av Film Stockholm med stöd av Stockholms läns landsting och Botkyrka kommun

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