M Parent

A few years ago, I discovered, in my grand-parents’ attic, a cardboard box full
of photographic slides. Hundreds of family photos although not my family...
These were M. Parent’s photographs.

M. Parent was a court clerk in Dunkerque, where I was born. At his death, my uncle was surprised to learn that his friend had left him everything. Two houses, a car, everything was rapidly sold leaving only some furniture, cutlery, linens...and these photographs. Pictures of his wife, his son Jack, their life... Jack wanted to be an aviator. When he was eighteen, during a training flight, his plane crashed and
Jack died. The photographs became scarce. The sorrow overwhelmed his wife. She died a few years later. He survived.

Then only the objects and the photographs remained.
My parents had just bought a house, and this sudden inheritance made furniture appear in our empty house. My childhood was marked by these objects carrying a remote intimate history.M. Parent was a mysterious character with an equivocal name who was offering me some comfort through his misfortune, with his objects the paintboxes, souvenirs and picture books - all witnesses of the loss of a unique child. Unique like I am.


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