Insurgent is mysterious story of art, forgery, survival and the horrors of war. It is a captivating tale about the last three months of Leon Prauziński’s life, before his tragic death in a Nazi concentration camp.

The film takes us back to late 1939, the beginning of 1940 and the first concentration camp in Poznań, in western Poland. The artist expects death. Before the Nazi invasion, Leon Prauziński was a celebrated author of the iconic paintings about the Polish struggle for independence in 1918-1919 in the Greater Poland Uprising. He was also the author of anti-Nazi pamphlets and listed as anti-German and an enemy of the Third Reich. After being captured he is destined for execution but instead, the imprisoned artist is forced by the camp commander, Herbert Lange,
to work in an especially prepared art studio. There, Leon forges the renowned paintings for the aesthetic contentment of the Nazi officers. Soon, the fake painting business thrives and the art studio expands. Leon now cooperates with other inmate artists. Every night, after daywork in his studio, Leon returns to his prison cell in the camp.

All the illustrations for the animation are based on Leon’s graphics and his drawings as well as on the sketches inspired by photos and other archive documents. This way, the end of life of this charismatic personality and his last days in the concentration camp are reconstructed.

Apart from the astounding individual story, this film also represents a generational drama and it is a homage to all the victims of the Nazi regime.



password: insurgent18

Projektstart 2019-03-21

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