Imaginary country

Imaginary country is a contemporary hybridfilm about the impact and consequences today of Chile’s coup dètat in September 11th 1973.
The film is told through a personal story about the complexity of belonging to two countries and two cultures and yet to none of them. Its a coming of agefilm where I try to understand me and my generations identity and belonging, being Swedish but also Chilean, growing up in far distant country but yet with a strong political background.
The film takes place during the 80`s in Stockholm, Angela is born in Sweden from chilean parents escaping the military dictature in Chile. Imaginary Country is a hybrid film partly animated but also using mixed media juctuaposing archivematerial and video, applying parody and a humorous overtone to the narration. The film is narrated in first person by me the director, Angela Bravo.I tell my personal story as a frame for the wider narration where I interview diferent characters that were somehow engaged with the military coup but later ended up in sweden, or their children who were born here like myself.
Today sweden has the largest population of chilean living abroad outside of Chile. The film wants to highlight Swedens politcal engagment at that time and want to reproduce the historical link between Sweden and Chile using a new visual languge for generations that hardly know anything about the military coup, Pinochet or why chilean refugee came to Sweden.The film kicks-off in my fantasy environment, my playground, where fantasy and reality blend. As I grow,I hear about Chile in a fairytale way: through photos, distant memories from my parents and audiotapes from relatives I never met. ( this was they way before internet and skype)
Everything is better in Chile Im is told. Yet, in my mind of a kid of the 80`s – fascinated by mysterious black holes, aliens and Star Wars!
An own Chile starts to exists, I créate my Imaginary country of a far away country we can never even visit, ruled by the dark forces with their own Darth Vader: General Pinochet!
The documentary fusions with diverse forms of art and animation, opening the field for the use of fantasy and metaphor and, at times, applying parody and a humorous overtone to the narration to aproach a heavy subject but from another perspektive.


Projektstart 2017-09-29

Projektet startades av Angela Bravo . drivs av Film Stockholm med stöd av Region Stockholm och Botkyrka kommun

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