I can't learn the same

Henry, a white British man living in India with his wife and children, working for an aid organization. When his wife suddenly dies, nobody is suspecting that this charming man could have anything to do with the death of his wife, nobody but his children who knows all too well about his tyranny and his need for control. They see through his lies and seek out to revenge the death of their mother.

The film is a classical family drama and deals with issues regarding class, psychological abuse, abuse of power and exile, set in the post colonial context of India, as part of the former British Empire. I also want to describe the powerful forces that can arise, between individuals. How and why destructive relations can proceed, and is often hard to end. And with the film I want to understand power structures. The system and mechanisms behind various destructive behaviors. I wanna explore different perspectives of this questions and also create a new take and produce new images.


Projektstart 2010-11-07

Projektet startades av Virlani Hallberg.


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