The Gold Rush Of Weirdness (Working Title)

Ragged & eclectic scoundrels are fighting each-other to stay in a faded gold rush town. To save their weird city from contamination, these not-so-upright nor outstanding citizens are forced to get along, or risk killing the city for good.


Yukon is known for its bears and the gold rush. But also the colorful 5%. Unique & ragged people with lives unlike the rest of us.

In a faded gold rush town at the end of the Silver Trail highway. Where people go to experience the last seed of authentic Yukon weirdness. Away from the constraints of modern society. With a primitive lifestyle that demand a lot of character in cold winters reaching -30°C. Only eight people has decided to live there all year around. To them, this place is paradise. But after a mill is built on the doorstep of the little town. People are outraged, fearing that the mining which once contaminated the drinking water with uranium and arsenic, will start all over.

The mill is scaring tourists away from the town and threatening the environment and animals in the area. With a community built on not so-upright nor outstanding citizens. Will they come together to save the city or will mining kill it for good? Keno is a story about how outside forces can destroy a community from the inside out. Making them fight each other. It’s a human study of the big global conflict of extracting nature’s resources in a foreign places. Told in a tiny weird community of outcasts who doesn’t get along. But might have too in order to save their city.


To a large extent, I feel a tiredness in people hearing about how f*cked we are. That climate change will kill us if we don’t do anything, but also that we’ll die even if we do something. This chaotic and activist driven reporting is too complex and far away from everyday life that people shy away from it. A normal person might hear that cow meat is killing the planet and all of a sudden they think that if I just stop eating meat, the world will be okay. Life is rarely is that simple. That’s why I set out to find a story that can reach beyond the preaching choir of environmental activists. To me those stories are like taking a sleeping pill. We’ve been pounded with that messaging for decades. Still little has happened. I don’t propose to have any solution to this problem. But I think people will start seeing their role if they experience how interconnected the world is. That what we do in our little microcosm affect the other side of the world.

The story takes place in a tiny Canadian ghost town with 8 people all year round. In the summer though, it grows to 24, plus tourists. Known as the weirdest town in Yukon. People come for the quirkiness that Yukon used to be known for.

It’s like living a western movie. In shacks rather than houses, with one saloon to eat, and no place to buy groceries. The town used to hold 300 people, but after the mines closed, people started to move away. Today the tourism seem to hinder mining exploration. But with a mining company in the area. People fear that history will repeat itself.

It’s last hope for survival might lay on their “big” summer festival. But fear grows as a noise polluting mill is built illegally, right next to the festival camping ground. Time will tell if this bunch of crazy people can overcome their internal differences, or if the outsiders will force them out?


Projektstart 2019-01-14

Projektet startades av André Wallström. drivs av Film Stockholm med stöd av Stockholms läns landsting och Botkyrka kommun

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