Futile is a silent film about the dark and amusing state of the nameless artist, inside the officially beautiful world of art and creativity. Her desperate aspiration turns it into her own purgatory of bitter competition and the constant crave for validation. Honest humbleness gets flooded by insecurity and envy. The proud artist is reduced to pettiness.

The story is told through the form of silent film, with the lack of dialogue giving room to music, image and dance. Hence the style itself is an emblem of its own premise; the ever compliant creator, discreetly adapting her integrity. Although dark in its root, the story is expressed with a comedic lightness.

The music will have a significant story-telling function in the film. Inspired by the classic and dramatically suggestive form in “City Lights” (1931), the comical timing of “Burn After Reading” (2008), while briefly falling into the deep vibrating bass of “The Dark Knight” (2008).


Projektstart 2017-04-18

Projektet startades av Arvin Kananian.


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