'An Army of Lovers' reveals the previously untold story of the first LGBT movement in Sweden. In the 1970s the welfare state was bringing progress but homosexuality was seen as a mental illness. The first Pride march was organised, thousands came out to stand against oppression and marginalisation - although many walked anonymously with paper bags over their heads to avoid being fired and attacked. They were seen as a threat to health, social stability and morality. And yet three films emerged - made by brave queer filmmakers attempting for the first time to represent themselves - a documentary 'Bogjavlar'/ 'Damned Queers'; a fictional lesbian love story, 'Eva & Maria'; and a lesbian campaigning film entitled 'The Woman in Your Life is You'. Through unique access to the filmmakers, the films and additional unseen archive, this film will reveal the story of the beginnings of the LGBT movement in Sweden.


Rough Cut Material

First 40 minutes of the rough cut after 4 weeks of editing.

Projektstart 2017-09-19

Projektet startades av Ruth Reid.


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