Do you see me?

Kampala, Uganda. Skin color, race and beauty are indeed important topics in many sectors of Uganda's society. Light skin is a sign of wealth in a country where dark skinned people are the majority. Consequently it has become a trend to do skin lightening to look beautiful, to feel accepted in society, to find a man, among other reasons.
Three filmmakers shot all their research trying to understand the phenomenon in an unknown country for them.



We were working in Uganda for 6 weeks, between January and March 2017, researching and shooting "Do you see me?".

The edition process took from March to May and since August we work in the final cut of our film.

We are hoping to obtain Filmbasen's support to can finish all the post production processes.

Projektstart 2017-06-26

Projektet startades av Ernesto Sánchez Valdés. drivs av Film Stockholm med stöd av Region Stockholm och Botkyrka kommun

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