Boye i Berlin

BOYE IN BERLIN explores the pivotal moment in famed Swedish author Karin Boye’s life. Boye arrives in Nazi-occupied Berlin in February 1932 motivated by those closest to her to ‘cure her homosexuality’ - from her native Sweden where being gay was a criminal offense punishable by imprisonment or institutionalisation. In the psychotherapist’s office, Boye endures her psychoanalyst’s obsession with the details of her sexuality and exhaustive attempts at a cure. Yet what she finds is a thriving gay capital in Weimar Berlin - a safe haven amidst a raging storm outside the doors of the underground ladies’ clubs. There, she encounters Margot Hanel, the woman who would become her ‘little bird’ and partner until their premature deaths eight years later. Boye liberates herself from the grip of her psychoanalyst - the symbol of society’s oppression - but freedom is lost. The Nazi regime erases the queer scene, motivating Karin to escape to Stockholm with Margot.


Projektstart 2018-01-08

Projektet startades av Ruth Reid. drivs av Film Stockholm med stöd av Region Stockholm och Botkyrka kommun

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