Orbital Re-enactments - Emotional mobilization

The point of departure for Orbital Re-Enactments is memories, those of Joanna Lombard and of oth- ers, which are re-enacted in four scenes.
The sequences of events originate in a time when many people entertained strong beliefs in applying their own ideals. These events, which are typical of their time, Lombard wishes to place in a fluid, unspecified time.
The stories concern the relationship between children and adults. The children are free individuals who have to make their own decisions; the adults transgress borders and act like children. The children are left to their own devices and live their own lives... An all-seeing camera with a 360- degree view hovers around the room, registering a course of events. The camera movement becomes an image of memory, a memory that regards itself, that tries to remember?
The artwork also deals with issues such as the body and individuality; can the individual body be a collective body?

Director: Joanna Lombard
Director assistant: Pella Kågerman
Editing: Björn Kessler
Production: Joanna Lombard, Cecilia Forsberg
Photo: Iga Mikler, Johan Holmqvist
Set design: Joanna Lombard, Love Hansson, Pernilla Roos, Sandra Parment, Karin Gilles,
Costume: Joanna Lombard, Pernilla Roos, Karin Gilles
Assistants: Love Hansson, Joel Lombard, Fatima Hedman, Anna Rokka, Sonia Hedstrand, Marika Trioli, Per-Erik Johnsson, Sophia Boesch, Milva Engström
Actor: Emma T. Åberg, Anders Carlsson, Angela Wand, Mårten Holmberg, Lasse Sonne, Malou Lindholm
Majken Thörn, Hjalmar Kriisa, Ruth Kriisa, Vincent Lombard, Niki Lombard, Agnes Thorén, Molly Thorén, Maximilian Jernberg, Ester Serrander Larsson
Eva Rexed, Caroline Söderström
Marie Karlberg, Jörgen Svensson, Indra Linderoth, Dag Andersson, Josefin von Zeipel, Emma Brommé, Maria Selander, Katja Seitajoki
Helena Lubandi, Britta Persson, Peter Birath, Mimmi Persson, Vanja Sandell Billström, Hans Whipsplash Müller, Charlotte Maria Broström, Arram Kachny, Linnéa Sundling, Annica Styrke, Hanna Jenneblad, Marti Marko, Maria Katerine Larsson, Patrik Åhman, Malin Rønning, Sabina Heitmann, Jon Gavelin, Simon Andermo, Joe Heffernan, Jonas Bengtsson, Ebba Leijonwall, Lucas Lundström, Fredrik Bjernelind, Carolina Malmström, Julia Bondesson
Supported by KU-Medel, The Royal University College of Fine Arts, Stockholm
Thank to: Ann-Sofi Sidén, Royal Institute of Art, Dramatiska Institutet, Stiftelsen Längmanska Kulturfonden, Letterstedska Föreningen
© Joanna Lombard 2010/2011

Skrivet av: Joanna Lombard


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