Lili Ser Dig - trailer

Hedda finds a friend in her new computer. The search engine Lili challenges her to take more place at home by playing the game "I tell and you do". A game that can end dangerously.
A short film about what can happen when a search engine takes over a relationship and about what we need rather than technology.

Lili Can See You: 14:30
Acting Miranda Grassman & Matilda Strand
Agnes Simovits, Mikael Simovits
Directing, screenwriting and producer Eveline Grassman
Cinematography Maria Persson Hall
Music composer, Original Soundtrack and Sounddesign Andreu Jacob
FAD Libertad Hultgren
Sound Ylva Pettersson, Viktoria Hultgren, Signe Grassman
Catering Henrik Grassman

Tillhör projekt: Lili Ser Dig
Skrivet av: Eveline Grassman

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