What does it mean to give a promise during war? And what happens when that promise is broken?

Irene Lopez is a young filmmaker and animator in search of the truth of her past. But what is the real truth? And is there only one true history?

Young documentary filmmaker Irene Lopez wants to have a good relationship and a normal life in Sweden but her past haunts her. When Irene's stepfather Carlos decides to divorce her mother to move back to El Salvador she feels angry and decides go to look for her biological father who died in the war in El Salvador.

The promise is about Irene Lopez and her struggle to understand her background and history. It is a story about absent parents and sacrificed childhoods.

About the choices her three parents had to make and how the logic of the war affects generations after generations. The story also portray an immigrant family’s life in Sweden and the history of El Salvador since the revolution. A film filled with real heroes, promises, reconciliation and an answer to what it really means to be a family.

Produced by: Stina Gardell, Mantaray Film

Skrivet av: Irene Lopez

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