Paid Collaboration Needed ASAP

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Paid Collaboration Needed ASAP
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I'm a social media personality and I'm looking to work with someone or a very small group of people to regularly create video content for my instagram and YouTube accounts. I usually need a variety of videos, such as 20-40 second clips on instagram and long-form, 2-7 minute vlog/diaries for YouTube.

Most are funded by myself while some videos that require traveling to a foreign city to take footage at different events like fashion shows are funded by my existing fashion clients and depending on their budget.

There's quite an amount of traveling involved -- for example, potentially Florence on May 27-30, and Milan and Paris in mid-June.

Ideally I would love to work with someone who is based in or near Stockholm and is comfortable with a super fast turnaround time, especially for projects that involve events. We could either work on a short or long term basis. Feel free to email me [email protected] to discuss further, such as compensation etc. drivs av Film Stockholm med stöd av Region Stockholm och Botkyrka kommun

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