Translation work - Telegu speaker

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Translation work - Telegu speaker


My name is Stephanie, I'm a 24 years old Italian/French director currently living in Stockholm.

This summer I went to India, to Puttaparthi (150km north from Bangalore). I was there just 2 week to realize a documentary - SAI RAM - you can see a teaser here:

The main focus of the documentary is the story of Gangayà, 14 years old, and his family (just mother and 2 sisters) that was supposed to live in a hut for many years and this summer they finally get a house. The documentary gives of course an overview about the socio cultural situation and the history of Puttaparthi.

My Indian friend that was helping me with the translations of the interviews from Telegu to English unfortunately had a moto accident (now he is better but still he is in hospital), so I have now a 6min interview that I need to translate.

If someone can help me or knows someone that can help, please e-mail me at [email protected]
I don't have any budget for this work, but of course I can help too in some translations from Italian or French.

Thank you very much, have wonderful holidays!

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