YOU ARE HERE by Tessa Lynch is a film and performance, using the abstract physicality of modern dance to frame film footage of past legendary happenings which took place in Edinburgh in the 1970's. This includes footage of Beuys' seminal performance Action on Rannoch Moor 13th August 1970.* A work which marked Edinburgh's emergence as a city known for avant-garde performance which arguably led to the birth of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.
The three performers elevated on Olympic inspired podiums opposite the screen recall speakers on soap boxes, commenting on the function of a town square. The sound track by Soft Machine was recorded live at the Proms on the same day as Beuys' Action on Rannoch Moor 13th August 1970. The music acts as a timeline for the performance which echoes both the 1970s archived footage and the actions of the performers.

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