Editor/Colour Correction/ Grader wanted

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Editor/Colour Correction/ Grader wanted
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Hi All.

I am in search of someone who is skilled in these Editor/Colour Correction/ Grader to help finish of some over due projects due to me having to take time off work to care for my sons medical problems.

I have three shorts and a 9 episode sitcom to finnish. the shorts are in the final stages not much work at all and I am in the process of cutting the sitcom now. I need help to finish the shorts (unfortunately there is no budget for these so it will be gratitude and kudos and hopefully a new working relationship) and the sitcom I offer a percentage of the sale of the project to a network. all the projects are with English dialogue.

Please don't accept these projects if you don't have the time to focus on them there is an importance toe get them out within a very short window. I am grateful if you could pass this to your friends as well who maybe interested.

I look forward to a new working relationship with one of you talented people




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