Crippeled Dancer

Crippeled Dancer:
We are creating new life, another future. It is no point to look back because the crystals have already broke. The crystal boy with his white face is now dancing like a tornado. The boys die one by one in front of him. The island is so far away from reality, I know I am not allowed to film or even be here. I am hiding my hair, putting on a cap and a hood, walking under an umbrella with my face down.

The saint on the roof throws the stones in front of the picture of Saint George. He cleans me with leafs that we throw in the water.

It is five o'clock in the morning when you wake me up. We are going to the ocean with the dancing boys. In the bed next to me sleeps your uncle, his young boyfriend and his daughter. She gave me the medallion with christ on a cross that looks like a tree, it keeps me safe.

At the beach we cook a soup of pig head and cassava. We swim, eat wild grapes and drink rum. At night we watch the boys dancing, they get immortal life through the dance. The extreme doses of endorphin and adrenaline that is created in the body while dancing this style makes them stop aging, dance gives birth to celestial life.

Rut Karin Zettergren 2011
Cuba, Uganda Sweden
8:48 min

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