Viskra (2008)

In november 2008 Dutch film director Iris Piers teamed up with soundartist Lindefelt, Swedish band Fredrik and producer-curator Julia Björnberg to create the short film 'Viskra'.
'Viskra' is recorded on super 8 film. Its structure is based on a fictional fable, in which animals that are native to the Scandinavian fauna take the shape of 6 humans and perform a midwinter ritual.
Inspiration for the script comes from in the Old Nordic sagas 'Eddan', various European fables and in Kenneth Grahame's 'The Wind in the Willows '.​viskra.htm

Written and directed by: Iris Piers
Sound design: Lindefelt
Music: Lindefelt/Hultin
Producer: Julia Björnberg
Co-production: Film i Skåne, Film i Dalarna, Filmcentrum Syd, Kulturnämnden Malung-Sälen.
Production Company: Fabrik
Production Country: Sweden
Production Year: 2009

Tillhör projekt: Darkling, I Listen. drivs av Film Stockholm med stöd av Stockholms läns landsting och Botkyrka kommun

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