Volunteer Film Intern wanted for feature film pilot

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Volunteer Film Intern wanted for feature film pilot
Målgrupp: Producent/prod.ledare, Regissör, Fotograf, Inspeln.ledare/scripta, Klippare, Postprod./bild

An Australian director is in Sweden to research and shoot a pilot for his new feature film. The film is about a young woman who leaves Sweden in the hope of a better life in Australia.

We seek an intern who is available February 29th – March 10th (or parts of the period) to assist with research, administration and on location. We think the internship would be most valuable for a film student wanting practical experience in pre-production. Technical knowledge and previous practical experience of film work is helpful, but not essential as training will be provided.

Location: Stockholm
Expenses paid

[email protected]
073-873 25 26


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