Crew Needed for Feature Film in Malmö, Gotland and Fårö

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Crew Needed for Feature Film in Malmö, Gotland and Fårö
Målgrupp: Producent/prod.ledare, Fotograf, Ljud, El/passare, Postprod./bild, Postprod./ljud

Hi. I'm a Canadian filmmaker currently living in Malmö. I will be shooting my second feature film, The Philosopher King, in Malmö and around Southern Sweden, as well as on the islands of Gotland and Fårö over three weeks in early September.

We are seeking passionate filmmakers to join our team. Currently we are looking for the following positions:
1st Assistant Cameraman, 2nd Assistant Cameraman/DIT, Gaffer/Grip, Audio Recordist, Production Designer.

The Philosopher King is a microbudget independent film. Here is some more information on the film:

Production Type: Independent, Non-union
Project Profile: Feature film. 80-90 mins projected length.
Project format: Digital acquisition
Director/Producer: Rouzbeh Noori
Principal Photography Length: 3 weeks
Shooting Starts: August 30th
Shooting Ends: September 21st
Synopsis: The Philosopher King is a story of reconnection and reconciliation between two estranged brothers. Michael, a doctoral candidate in music theory, travels to see his older brother, Jacob, in his adopted home of Sweden, where he has been living with his wife, Sylvia, for a few years. A perpetual dreamer, drifter, and hustler, Jacob moved to Sweden after hitting a dead end with the novel he was working on, one of the many failed artistic projects in his past. Now working as a chef to support his recently pregnant wife, Jacob harbours ambitions of buying a space in a derelict building in downtown Malmö and opening a gallery to exhibit his photography. As it has always been the case between the brothers, Jacob manages to enlist Michael to help realize his dream. Jacob believes that if they have a strong exhibit of photos, then he will be able to raise the money he needs to rent the gallery space. The pair, along with Jacob's mistress Mia, a young Swedish dancer, go on a road trip through the country to the island of Gotland, in search of inspiration and muse. During the course of the trip, Jacob is faced with the possibility that despite being brought up as the prodigal son, he might not have traditional artistic talent, while Michael questions the merits of his academic pursuits. Michael and Mia develop a relationship, and Jacob, for the first time, truly faces the prospect of fatherhood and seems to accept the new life that will await him back at home. On their way back, painfully aware that they haven't achieved what they set out to do, they run into trouble with the car, eventually abandoning it to walk to a nearby town and catch the train. At the first mid-way stop, Jacob gets off the train to get a drink and does not get back on before it leaves. Michael and Mia return to Malmö and go their separate ways. After saying goodbye to Sylvia, Michael departs to continue his studies.

Shooting locations:

Malmö, Sweden
Nimis, Sweden
Gotland, Sweden
Fårö Island, Sweden
Bornholm, Denmark

Principal Cast:
Michael – Male, mid-twenties, English-speaking, quiet, thoughtful, introspective.
Jacob – Male, early-thirties, English-speaking, energetic, charming, talkative.
Sylvia – Female, late-twenties, English-speaking, charming, fiercely intelligent.
Mia – Female, early-twenties, Svenska-speaking, radiantly beautiful, a dancer.

Video Introduction:

Mood Reel:

Please contact me if you are interested, have any questions, or need more information.

Contact: [email protected]

E-mail: [email protected]
Tel.: (519) 581-7867

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