Roy Rossovich

Projektroller: Regissör, Fotograf, Klippare, Postprod./bild
  • Postort: Stockholm
  • Telefon: 0735263426
  • Produktionsbolag/företag: Clearwater Film

Born and raised in Los Angeles I moved to Sweden 7 years ago to purse the arts and film, I now work as a fashion photographer internationally as well as starting my own short film projects planning to be shot this spring.

I have grown up in the film industry and have worked with many projects ranging from Swedish documentaries to Hollywood music videos as well as owning a produciton company along with my buisness partner Wilhelm Lundberg

Filmtips: Requim for a Dream, Full Metal Jacket, 28 Days Later, Black Swan, Kids


Konstskolan i Stockholm, Design, 2006, STHLM

Forsbergs, Motion Garphics, 2008, STHLM


2011 Teaser, Promotion, 2010, Photographer/Editor

Hair Visuals, Backdrops for a show, 2010, Photographer/Editor

Stockholm Street Festival, Commercial, 2010, Animator

Om Natten, Dokumentar 2009, Photographer

Json Album Trailer, Trailer, 2009, B-Foto

Json - Pretty Boy, Music Video 2008, Regi/Ass.

Json - Head in the Sky, Music Video 2008, Regi/Ass. drivs av Film Stockholm med stöd av Region Stockholm och Botkyrka kommun

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