Riham Ezzaldeen

Projektroller: Producent/prod.ledare
  • Postort: Stockholm
  • Telefon: +46704075335
  • Produktionsbolag/företag: Riham Ezzaldeen

I am film producer, setbin documentaries and making my way to fiction. I am very good at making things happen, creating and supporting creative impactful ideas and bringing them to life.
I concentrate often on issues that touch my person and that I have personally experienced in my life. Mostly wowk on projects that handle immigration, borders, psychology, gender, Queerness, all types of abuse, underrepresented groups and social injustices. I focus on having a positive approach to the issues I choose and including opposing sides to portray.
I grew up in Damascus, Syria and left in 2012 living in Lebanon then Turkey and arrived to Sweden 2015. Most of my experience is in short documentaries and documentary videos while supporting in few creative projects.
In my film journey I am working on adapting different methods of inclusion, creating a safe environment and including characters featured in documentaries and actors in fiction. I am also on an on-going research to figure out more impact strategies to surround film projects to channel the energy that comes to the viewer to a change-driven action.

Filmtips: Snatch, Crash, Paris is Burning, Rebel Without a Cause, Silence of the lambs


All my knowledge came from mentoring and personal experience.


Waynak, documentary series, 2015, producer

Mohannad Souliman Sculpture, portrait video, 2018, producer

Sing For Hope, documentary video, 2019, producer


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