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  • Postort: Västra Götaland/Göteborg/Sörmland/Stockholm
  • Telefon: 0705732212
  • Produktionsbolag/företag: New Romantics

New Romantics is an independent production collaboration founded by Sweden-based director Iris Piers, which produces small budget music videos for upcoming bands & sound artists as well as short films and live cinema performances.

New Romantics currently collaborates with Svenska In & Uttrycksbyrån (producer Louise Waite and sounddesigner Rasmus Persson) and playwright Robin N Spegel in a short-film adaption of Jane Eyre titled ''Darkling, I Listen''.

Iris Piers (1983) is a Dutch artist and director working with non-narrative flm, video installations, live cinema performances and music videos. Piers studied Fine Arts at the WDKA in Rotterdam, painting at the Kunsthochshule Berlin, mixed media at the School of Visual Arts in New York and was an intern at the New York based video-art company Perpetual Art Machine.
Her films have been broadcasted on networks such as PBS (USA) and NPS (NL) and over the years her work has been featured at the Berkeley Art Museum, the International Short Film Festiva Oberhausen, Portobello Film Festival in London, Malmö Konsthall, LMAK Projects in New York, Röda Sten in Göteborg and Umeå University, amongst others. Piers’ work has been nominated at various film festivals and her short experimental film ’Casimiration’ won the award for best online film at the national Dutch film festival in 2007.
After living in Berlin and New York, Piers is now based in Gothenburg, Sweden where she runs production company New Romantics.


2002-2004: Fine Arts and New Media at the Willem de Kooning Academie in Rotterdam.

2004-2005: painting at the Kunsthochshule Berlin Weissensee.

2006: Mixed Media at the School of Visual Arts in New York

2007: Internship at the New York based video-art company Perpetual Art Machine.


Umeå University Arts Fellowship scholarship (2011)

The Netherlands Foundation for Visual Arts - production grant (in 2009 and in 2010)

Film i Skåne - co-production (in 2008 and in 2009)

Filmcentrum Syd - equipment grant (in 2008 and in 2009)

Film i Dalarna - co-production (2008)

Kulturnämdnen Malung-Sälen - co-production (2008)


2007: Winner: Jury Award for best Online Film, Nederlands Film Festival, NL.

2007: Nominated: Best Music Video, Int. Short Film Festival, Oberhausen, DE.

2008: Jury: Nederlands Film Festival, NL.


'Flight' (music by Solander @Tenderversion Recordings) (Göteborg/Sörmland, 2011)

Darkling, I listen' (Sverige/Holland, 2012)

'Endymion' (music by Anja Linna) (Göteborg/Malmö, 2011)**

'In The Half Light' (music by Lidwine) (Göteborg/Paris, 2011)**

‘Narcissus’ (music by Solander) (Malmö, 2010)**

‘Innan Mörkret’ (music by Tobias Lilja & Lindefelt) (Malmö, 2010)**

'The Age of Glass' (Malmö 2010)**

'Vit Skam' (with Su-En Butoh Company and Lisa Stenberg) (Uppsala, 2010)**

'Swarming Flocks of Light' (Malmö, 2009)*

‘Fishflame’ (music by Lindefelt) (Malmö, 2009) **

‘Viskra’ (music by Fredrik & Lindefelt) (Malmö, 2009)**

‘11 Years’ (music by Fredrik) (Malmö, 2008)**

‘Undervattensmässing’ (installation) (with Lindefelt & Apocalypse Lab) (Malmö, 2008)*

‘The Land Under the Sea’ (installation) (Malmö, 2008)*

‘Smithereens’ (installation) (with Nathaniel Wojtalik) (Haarlem/Colorado 2007)*

‘Opened’ (music by AUS) (Tokyo/NYC, 2007)**

‘Casimiration’ (Berlin/NYC 2007)*

‘Dive’ & ‘Love Wind’ (music by Christopher Willits) (Berlin, 2006)**

‘The Invisible in Air’ (music by Brede Rörstad) (Berlin, 2006)**

‘A specifc whisper A: Soon and Sleep’ (Berlin, 2006)*

‘Ici’ (Haarlem, 2006)*

‘Carillon’ (Berlin, 2004)* drivs av Film Stockholm med stöd av Region Stockholm och Botkyrka kommun

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