Mieszko Tyszkiewicz

Projektroller: Regissör, Animatör, Fotograf, Inspeln.ledare/scripta, Klippare, Postprod./bild

I am highly educated art painter, sculptor, printmaker. 12 years of high school of fine arts in Zakopane, Poland and University of Pedagogy in Krakow, Poland. Many exhibitions and shows all around Europe, 1 out in Mexico. I also made theatre shows and stage design, performance and organise art events and film festivals. During my study between plenty other things I have 2 years workshops of animation and photography.
As "picture specialist" I have great expierience about composition, colour, light, shadows, costums, stage design, animation, story board drawing/painting manually and digitaly on the screen, etc.
I use all technologies of picture and sculpture. Most I like oil, soft pastel, coal, wooden and stone sculpture.
I am working on digital cameras and previously on 16mm and manual analog editing studios. For editing I use Final Cut Pro, DVD Studio Pro and Adobe Photoshop.
I speak Polish, English, Russian, Swedish.
I have also teacher certificat of fine arts from 0 to university level.
Working also as journalist since 1995.
Some of my works are in National Museum in Stockholm and in Royal Castle, Sweden.

Filmtips: Lost in translation


Academy of Pedagogy, 1989, Krakow, Polen

"Rotunda" movie producing studio, 1989, Krakow, Polen

Hiigh School of Fine Arts 1982 Zakopane, Polen


"Children play in the Platon's Cave", konst, drama, 1986, regi, foto, edit

"S.A.T.", konst, drama, 1986, regissör , foto, edit

"The Cave of Ice Age Bear", music, 1986, regi, foto, klipp

"Zakopane in Time" music, 1986, regi, foto, klipp

"Making of Arts United", dokumentär, 2006, regi, foto, edit

"Einstein", documentär, 2007, regissör, fotograf, klippare,

"Arts United", documentär, 2007, regi, foto, klipp

"Vernissage", document-konst, 2007, foto, klipp

"Let it be Light" documentär konst 2008 foto klipp

"Santa Lucia" documentär 2008 foto klipp

"Valborgmässoafton" documentär 2010 foto klipp

"Sanna Mieszko" dokumentär komedi 2006 foto klipp

"Circus Cirkör" dokumentär, 2009, foto, klipp

"Burnt Out Punks" documenär, 2010, foto, klipp

"Myslovits in Stockholm, dokumentär, del av foto, klipp

"Message from Aelvhe" documentär, 2010, foto, klipp

"Little Prince", dokumentär, 2011, foto, klipp

"En Sill i Singapure" dokumentär, polsk texting

My Way Home, musik video, 2011, regi, foto, klipp, animation,

"65 years of Polish Emigrant's Society", documentär, 2011, foto, klipp

"Kingdom of Winter", konst-documentär, 2012, foto, klipp

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