Marc Castañé

Projektroller: Regissör, Fotograf, Klippare

I´m a filmmaker studing a master on cinema studies in Stockholm Universitet. I´ve worked in several short movies and documentaries during the last 5 years in Barcelona, where I started my degree (you can see a resueme of all my work by clicking the link:

) I´m currently involved in two projects as a director of fotography, written and produced by Muzna Almusafer and developed by the both of us.

Filmtips: Millenium Mambo, mullholland drive, Mammoth, Fasten.


Developing Short Movies, Casa Elizalde, 2004, Barcelona.

Audiovisual Comunication (degree), UPF, 2009, Barcelona.

Final Projefct (short movie), UPF, 2010, Barcelona.

'Master in Cinema Studies, Stockholm Universitet, currently studing, Stockholm.


Tiempo (fiction), 2005, Director/Scripwriter

Entre tu i jo (fiction), 2006, Director/Scripwriter

Altafulla (fiction), 2008, Director/Scripwriter

Rostre (fiction), 2007, Director/Scripwriter

Copyright (animation), 2007, Director/Scripwriter

Generaciones (fiction), 2008, Director/Scripwriter

Insomni (fiction), 2008, Director/Scripwriter

Vuil (documentary), 2008, Director/Scripwriter

Veïns (documentary), 2009, Director/Scripwriter

Intervenció Directa (fiction), 2010, Director/Scripwriter

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