Luis Suji

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I lead a pop/rock band called Suji & The Stockholm Times. It's a multicultural band with members from Sweden, England, the Caribbean and South America.

We aim to complete by this summer all the material that we need to promote our music - website, finish the album, and another music video.

We are looking for people interested in supporting us with directing the video, are you interested?

This is Suji & The Stockholm Times, and I was given a second chance in life. When falling down from the fifth floor of a building at the age of 17, I thought: "Am I going to die? Is this all?" Doctors told me I was extremely lucky to survive but couldn't be sure I would be able to move my right hand. Fortunately all went fine in the end, and that's when I decided to start playing the guitar and writing songs.

Life goes on, and there are always ups and downs. My music is about reflecting those great and not- so-great moments, which make us feel alive.

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