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My name is Kristina Kvitko. I'm 24 and I'm a young director.

HERE I WANT TO REALISE SOME IDEA: I have a project idea for the film (as my final result of the studying) in Sweden. For doing this I would like to invite your students: operators and actors and to film all in Sweden.
I'm going to using script of Swedish author. It seems to me that such universal film project would be very interesting especially in our modern situation.

Some words about me!

First of all, I should say about theare...
In the cinema I came from theater. I love theater because of its proximity to the viewer and plasticity. I won't go away and did not leave it, I love it dearly. I am sure that I will try to stage perfomances in drama theatre too.

With ciname I have a special relationship. I think the movie is more close, intimate ... Accordingly, it appeals to me!
At the moment I'm studying film direction at the University of Movies and TV. My specialty - playing movies, art. Master of my course is People's Artist of Russia, the director, Professor - Igor Fyodorovich Maslennikov.

My cinema - cinema experience, psychological. Behind of me is the great Russian school of psychology and theater. And I feel this tradition, I feel responsibility for what I do.

Art should touch, should give food for thoughts, and most importantly - for the soul.
I'm interested in films and documentaries and feature films. The main thing - the idea, and scenario in which a man is alive, with its own character. I'm attracted to eccentric characters, and often in usual person you can find unusual man. I love the irony and humor, they give the air to a movie, make it breathes and lives.

My dream is to work in a children's film, with children.
Particular attention would be given in his subsequent works of the problems of ethnic hatred, killing people of different nations. I support any international projects!

The director is a very difficult job, but incredibly interesting and diverse.
The most wonderful for me is to work in a team! If you can bring people together and go to the same goal together ... what could be more precious?!

My CV you can found here:

And also: (photos)

I will be glad to cooperate!

Filmtips: Baby, Communion, Time of the gypsies



• 2004-2009 - high education, St. Petersburg

Academy of Theatre Arts. Faculty of theatre critic and theater history (St. Petersburg, Russia)

• 2011-2014 – the second high education, University of the Cinema and Tv, department of the cinema directing; Master of the course is I.F. Maslennikov (Saint Petersburg, Russia)

Courses and Continuing Education:

• 2001-2004 - School of Journalism, press

center "Generation"

• 2001-2005 - Theater Studio

• 2004-2008 - the lessons of contemporary and classic

dance in the dance school "Kannon Dance"

• 2006-2009 - the lessons of hatha yoga, yoga Ayengar

• from 2004 - acrobatic classes at the Academy of Theatre Arts

• from 2007 - Psychological Group (member)

for further work with autistic and their parents, families on the basis of the

city center for children and adolescents.

• from 2010 - participation in the Young Film

Studio (MKS) of St. Petersburg

(profession - film director)



• 2008 – actress and assistant of the director in the film of the choreographer Alexandr Kukin "Another beauty”

• 2011 – “In the Way” movie sketch, director – Kristina Kvitko, screenplay – Kristina Kvitko (Young Film Studio – MKS)


• (March) 2009 - (June) 2009 - assistant of the stage director in the theater of puppets.of Demmeni

• (October) 2009 (June) 2010 - assistant of the director in the Theatre of the Bryantsev

• since 2010 - assistant of the director in the performance "It's time to go" by M. Meterlinck's "Blue Bird" (Theatre Association "Open Space")

• 2007-2009 – trainings of the plastic dance, relaxation exercises, acting for autistic children in a rehabilitation center. Stage perfomances.

• From 2011 - Head of Theatre studio at the city psychiatric hospital № 6. Stage perfomances.

• Since 2006 - the publication of articles on drama and cultural themes in magazines and newspapers of St. Petersburg and Moscow.


• 2011 – “In the Way” movie sketch, director – Kristina Kvitko, screenplay – Kristina Kvitko, operator - Kristina Kvitko (Young Film Studio – MKS) drivs av Film Stockholm med stöd av Region Stockholm och Botkyrka kommun

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