Jenny Richards

Projektroller: Producent/prod.ledare
  • Postort: Stockholm
  • Telefon: 0762725524
  • Produktionsbolag/företag: Bolaget

Jenny Richards' research, productions and projects focus on the politics of collaborative practices. She has developed a number of film projects which through this frame address issues of labour, the commons and gender, including: Manual Labours an ongoing collaborative research project with Sophie Hope exploring physical relationships to work including monthly film screenings and the production of a new film with artist Sarah Browne (2015); Against the Realm of the Absolute a new film produced with artist Jesse Jones (2012) and the curatorial research project Home Economics (2014) investigating the politics of the domestic sphere and the home with film programmes in collaboration with the UK women's film archive Cinenova.  She was commissioned in 2014 by Filmform to produce a film programme developed from their collection which was screened at BioRio, Stockholm. Later this year she will present a series of films at Sveriges Foreningar conference Konst i Arbete entitled Many Labours, Manual Labours. In 2012 Jenny completed an MA in Art and Politics from Goldsmiths University. Prior to this she has worked as Gallery Manager of artist-run cooperative, Cubitt Gallery, London and Programme Manager of the Collective Gallery in Edinburgh, working with artists and audiences on long-term film projects including Jesse Jones (Against the Realm of the Absolute), Tessa Lynch (YOU ARE HERE) and Hito Steyerl (In Free Fall).


Edinburgh College of Art, Edinburgh (BA Hons)

Goldsmiths University, London (MA Hons)


Sarah Browne, THE REVOLTING BODY, 2015

Tessa Lynch, YOU ARE HERE, 2012


Paul Rooney, LOST HIGH STREET, 2008 drivs av Film Stockholm med stöd av Region Stockholm och Botkyrka kommun

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