Ivo Saint

¨if you are not a tourist, nor a worker, nor a student, who are you then ¨,
...I was living on this none identity, just being.
One day while I was traveling, I read in a book.
¨ I know I wont be part of this society, so why try? That´s lovely of being artist, because you don´t have too¨,
At the same moment, I got a letter from a friend saying, ¨Welcome back home, " artist's residence, mothers keeping, child's nest" ....
I don´t really know what to say about who i am, I could be the homeless that you meet everyday in the subway´s entrance, I could be. . . or maybe . . . .
What I can tell you is about my film proyect, is a documentary about women composers. In which the contrasts of diferent realities betwen man and woman through the history shows for himself the ¨non balance¨ of this two genders. And pretends to show the thousands of names of woman that has trying to do whatever to develop their music and art. I've made interviews and I have some text, but I'm not very good with final cut. I have ideas and strong enough to do it.
Tack !! IvS.

Filmtips: Andrej Tarkovsky, Ingmar Bergman, Kieslowski, etc...




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