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my name is dominique greffard and i am a film and television onset sound recordist. i have many years of experience and great sound equipment. you can check all of that there:



these are the biggest projects i have been working on in 2010 so far.

couleurs d ici:

it s a show entirely shot on 2 canon 7d cameras. 15 x 30 minutes shows. double system recorded the whole way. here is the trailer:

here are some pictures taken onset:

rock n road:

it is a reality tv show aired on musique plus (the french canadian much music channel). here is the trailer:

here is a picture taken on set

la machine a laver:

it is a short film i have been working on this last spring. it is still in post so no trailer out yet.

here are some pictures taken onset:

qui va droit son chemin:

this is another short film i did last fall. all shot on red camera, double system recorded.

here s a clip here, my name s in the credit department:

mange ta ville:

it is a urban culture show hosted on nation owned tv network ARTV that i have been working on for the past two years. it has been 3 years in a row winner for best cultural show in the canadian province of Quebec:

here are some clips from last season s show:

here s me in the credit department

and finally some music performances:

these are musical live performances that i have been recording live in different envirronements. it is kind of a "performance on the go" type of concept that is quite effective as an alternative to more costly standard video clip:

band: feathership

song: how love is carved

artist: mohammed

song: je sais pas

band: the books and the authors

song: what if

artist: abstact artimus

song: when the sun goes down

and on top of that i did bunch of little gigs like tv ads, corporate videos, web videos, reports, i have also been booming with established sound mixers and so on and on.

i hope this can give you a good idea of my experiences, drivs av Film Stockholm med stöd av Region Stockholm och Botkyrka kommun

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