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My name is Dare fasasi, I am a film producer and director, I have also worked on television and film as an actor, I made the feature comedy-drama film titled "Head Gone" and i got expose to several film festivals around the world .
The film was acquired by Netflix for distribution in America, Africa, and Canada. As well as screened-in several American universities through The New york African film festival travel series , Head gone was screen in sweden by the CinemAfrica platform as well.
I am a learner interested in growth and positive change.

Filmtips: Kill Bill, Pulp Fiction, devils advocate, Get out Jorden peele and Spike Lee Mo Better Blues


Diploma Theatre arts major in media 1992-1995

B.A theatre Arts University of Ibadan major in Directing. 1995- 2000

African Magic movie Director workshop graduate participant 2012.


HEAD GONE film on mental health challenge in a third world country, 2015





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