Daniela Rossi

Projektroller: Producent/prod.ledare, Regissör

I'm an emerging filmmaker inspired by real people and their stories - recognising the beauty in ‘the ordinary’. I aim to craft narratives that touch upon relatable truths, a common thread that guides my work.
I primarily work as a producer for advertising and music videos, but I am now working on my first solo project, a documentary set in Ukraine.

I'm originally from Melbourne, Australia, where I studied Journalism, Cinema and Education before moving to Sweden in 2015.

Filmtips: Victoria (2015), Mommy (2014)


Bachelor of Journalism, La Trobe University, 2010, Melbourne, Australia.

Post-Graduate Diploma in Secondary Education, 2012, Melbourne, Australia.

Content Developer, Hyper Island, 2019, Stockholm, Sweden.


Jag Ser Ljuset - Silvana Imam, Music Video, 2019, Producer

Kan Du Lova? - MittMedia, Advertisement, 2018, Production Manager


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