Short-films with gay theme need directors

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Short-films with gay theme need directors
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I wrote two short film scripts and I am going to direct them myself, I saw a big resemblance between them and I thought to myself; It would be great if there were a couple more of them and then they could be released together. I will contact among others “Folkets bio” to see if they are interested in releasing a DVD with several “gay short films”. (In the possibility of no company wanting to release it, I will take it upon myself).
I already have one more director attached, who will make one of her own. That leaves us with 3 shorts so far. We need 3-5 more.
You as a director can be inexperienced and new to the craft or more experienced, it doesn’t matter☺ but the established similarities that now exist, we would like to keep. As one might se somewhat similar to the Dogme 95 manifesto we have, don’t consider these rules, but merely guidelines that could help one to more easily come up with an idea for a short. Here are the 5 requirements:
1. The film will be in black & white.
2. The duration will be somewhere in between 8-15 minutes, give or take.
3. The dialogue will be in English.
4. There will only appear two actors (no more) in each film and of course the common theme for all the films will be homosexuality.
5. The Deadline for this project will be the 1th of May 2011.
If you are interested please contact me, or if you know of any one who might be interested (please copy and forward this).
Ps. The three films so far have no budget, so it is up to you to decide how much you would like to spend making your own film, and we can’t assist in any other way other than getting your film attention once it is finished and on the dvd.

[email protected] (please give the email “gay short film” as subject) drivs av Film Stockholm med stöd av Region Stockholm och Botkyrka kommun

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