Director gathers a group for feature film !!!

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Director gathers a group for feature film !!!

I look for a group for film which I must do after graduating from university. Film will be not more 15 minutes.

I'm russian. I'm studying in oldest University of Cinema and Tv. .
But I want create my project in Sweden.

I'm sure that international projects are very important! Nowadays we must think about this cooperation especially in Art.

First of all, I look for a screenwriter. Please, contact me and offer any of your plays. I will be glad to read different material!
Than I'm going to look for a prod.leader who will able to interested in our project!

After this I'll choose actors and operator.
So if you have ideas and wish to create, contact with me!

[email protected]

"Remember that in choosing yourself, you choose a human being as such"

With the Best wishes,

contact me:
+7 (953) 349-2070 (Russia)
[email protected]
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